Highlight of the week: eating, of course

Midterm week is almost over, and to celebrate, a friend and I went out for lunch.

We stepped away from the normal sandwicherie or durum action and splurged. We sat down. We ordered wine. For two hours, we were happy and stress-free.

Reservations were made a week prior at Millesime as part of the RestoDays week sweeping Belgium, Luxembourg and France. For one week, hundreds of top-tier restaurants were offering special, three-course gourmet menus. Lunch was 21 euros across the board and dinner was 28 euros. Michelin starred restaurants cost 15 euros extra, but they were all fully booked before I could even tempt the idea.

Out of 55 restaurants in Brussels, we landed on Millisime for its favorable reviews and even more favorable location — just steps away from school.

The chic entrance was studded with deep red, but the warm brick dining room was the right mix of comfort and class. Service, too, was sweet and professional.

Our meal began with wine — floral Bordeaux in red and white, which at 3 euros apiece, definitely qualified as a steal.

Then the server brought out a gorgeous carpaccio of smoked duck, garnished with arugula, toasted pine nuts, shaved apple, walnut oil and reduced balsamic. Sublime.

Our main dish was Norwegian salmon drenched in butter. I’m not complaining, but my mom would have died at the sight of it. Baby shrimp sat on top while a mix of vibrant vegetables hid underneath. The salmon itself was half-cooked, fatty, fleshy and perfect.

Dessert, according to the menu, was supposed to be violet crème brûlée. But they ran out, apparently, and we got to split an order of tiramisu and pineapple carpaccio.

This was no ordinary tiramisu, though. It was in true Belgian style, made with speculoos. YES. Speculoos. And exclusively white chocolate, and with a luscious raspberry sauce on top. It was light, fluffy, slightly spicy and soothing.

The pineapple carpaccio was truly something special. Two thin rings of pineapple were marinated in a sweet mint syrup and sat in a resultant consommé. Ultra coconutty coconut sorbet and a crispy mint cracker spelled out exceptional.


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