A love affair with speculoos

Any time I go into the ISA office in between classes, for a meeting or just for kicks, I greet everyone, and then head to the kitchen.

One of the beautiful perks of being an ISA student is this office, this kitchen, the free coffee in this kitchen, and a very special blue tin box in this kitchen. Inside this box are always speculoos. And I every time I go to ISA, I eat two of these addicting Belgian cookies.

They’re thin and crunchy — a biscuit cookie of sorts — with loads of cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and ginger. They’re traditionally eaten around Christmas time, but why reserve such enjoyment solely for the holidays?

Nonsense, Belgians say! They’ll eat these cookies whenever they damn well please.

And then they’ll make them into an ice cream flavor!

And then they’ll make them into a nutella-like spread and eat it for breakfast!

And then American students will never want to leave! BUHAHAHA

UC Davis friends, real question: does World Market carry speculoos?


6 thoughts on “A love affair with speculoos

  1. That’s so funny, I’ve visited Brussels 4 times before and am now setting up house there for a few months. This time around I have a traveling partner and she’s freaking hooked on Speculoos so badly and she doesn’t even eat sugar. My Belgian friend with whom I’m staying eats it like crack out of the jar and he normally eats rather well. I still say they put crack in the darn thing.

    BTW, I found your blog via the Brussels tag and thought I would comment, if that’s alright. Thanks so much for jogging my memory to write about it!

  2. Hm, I just bought a jar of that stuff at Big Lots. Today.
    I used to eat speculoos for breakfast, dipped in chocolate milk or coffee.
    Now I live in Califirnia and it’s more of a treat.

  3. It’s sold under the Biscoffs mark here in California. You can get it through their website online, or on Amazon. And my mom said she just saw it at WalMart. So, you’re all set!

  4. Yep, they have ’em at Walmart. They also sell the Lotus/Biscoff spread at Stater Brothers. What a treat 🙂

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