On behalf of Alameda Publishing Group…

…the editor of Alameda Magazine, Oakland Magazine and Parents Press was “delighted” to offer me a full-time internship for the summer.

And I was delighted to accept!

From mid-June to mid-August, I shall be the editorial lackey of the Alameda Publishing Group. And I am so relieved.

My duties?

Update the online dining guide!

Approve listings for the community calendars!

Post on Facebook! And, if I want to be ambitious, launch the Tweeting escapades!

Upload photos! Write captions!

Assist with copy editing, as needed!

Assist with writing and reporting, as needed!

Assist with administrative things, as needed!

MAN. This is going to be quite the summer. And it all starts next Tuesday. I’m sure you’ll be incessantly refreshing janellebitker.com until my, “This is how my first day at work went” blog post is published. How will you stand the agonizing wait until you’re blessed with the most tantalizing of details, such as, will Janelle be able to wake up at 7 a.m.? Will she find a seat on the bus? Will the guy sitting next to her be wearing a suit? Or will he smell? Or both? Will she take a coffee break? Will the coffee be cold?

Stay tuned.

Clarification: Despite any detected sarcasm, I am genuinely excited for this internship. 


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