It’s true! There really are no jobs.

It feels like I’ve sent out my resume and clips to hundreds of people in the past two weeks. In reality, it’s only been a few publications, and I could easily hear back from some places soon. But while we’re doing the reality check, the fact is that I probably wouldn’t hire me either.

That’s not because I’m not qualified for these jobs and internships, but rather, who would want to hire someone for only two months this summer?

Worst case scenario: I spend June and July not working, not making money, and hanging out with my cats. I’ll frantically fill out my visa paperwork and watch Anthony Bourdain eating (and drinking) like a king on the Travel Channel. I’ll read guidebooks. I’ll gaze longingly at photos of Belgian Christmas Markets. And Belgian waffles. And soon enough, I’ll be in the SFO airport, on my way to chocolate, beer, NATO, and everything else stereotypical about Brussels, Belgium.

And I intend to bring you — friend, reader, future employer, or in all likelihood, just my parents — images and stories about my journey through and to these sweet stereotypes. At the very least, nine months in Europe is going to result in a lot of food porn, I’ll tell ya that.


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