San Francisco Chronicle: Longtime grocer Darrel Corti a rarity in the world of rare foods

Darrell Corti looks as orderly as his grocery store.

Between neat aisles of pastel pastas, imported sauces and specialty items made for Corti Bros., Corti can usually be spotted in his daily uniform: a collared shirt, tie and royal blue grocer’s smock. Here, time seems to stand still.

Corti’s father, Frank Corti, and uncle, Gino Corti, opened Corti Bros. in 1947. It began as an Italian grocery store, but eventually under Corti’s direction, grew into a destination for rare products from around the world. Over the years, the shop has evolved with the times, and in the process it has delineated the modern role of the grocery store.

“The world is now even bigger than it was 50 years ago when I started in this business, and now with all of the modern communications, there’s a lot of knowledge around,” he says. “However, having all this knowledge around doesn’t necessarily mean that there are better products. Our job as grocers is to be selective.”

Read the full story here in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Photo courtesy of Henry Hoffman via Flickr.


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