Ten Columns. One Post.

Since September, I’ve been writing weekly columns for The California Aggie, the student newspaper of my alma mater, UC Davis.

Every Thursday for 10 weeks, I dove into the study abroad experience as well as cultural and social discrepancies between my new and old homes.

These 10 weeks are over, and now the articles can be packaged and read like a neat bundle of thoughts. If you missed a column, or every column, I’m making the process of catching up extra simple.

Week One: Brussels sprouts
An introduction to me and the American fantasy of living in Europe

Week Two: Eco-What?
The oddity that is Belgian environmental consciousness

Week Three: The foreign prince
Playing make-believe for one-night-love

Week Four: Waffling around
Debunking the American conception of Belgian waffles

Week Five: Host mothers
Two topics in one: living with a host family and America’s drinking age

Week Six: Euro-Bro love
Europeans idealize fraternity parties, plastic red cups and all things bro-tastic. Who knew?

Week Seven: Surf’s up
An unpaid advertisement for CouchSurfing

Week Eight: The foreign prince II
Adjusting to the Belgian system of dating

Week Nine: Homesickness
The emotional phases that come with studying abroad

Week Ten: Bon voyage
What’s next for me and what I advise for you

Thanks to those who read, thanks to those who sent kind emails, and thanks to those in Brussels who answered all of my weird questions all the time.


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