It’s starting. Tomorrow, I’ll be in Paris! A few days later, Barcelona! A couple days after that, Madrid!

I booked my flights nearly two months ago, and I can’t believe fall break is actually here. Spain has seemed like a lifetime away. And once I get back from Spain, my first semester in Brussels will officially be winding down.

Thank goodness I have one more term.

My first four days of break will be spent with my art history class. In other words, my days will be packed with museum and architectural visits. Luckily, that’s what Paris is all about, and I’m relieved to be hitting the Louvre, Musee d’Orsay and Versailles — three major “must-do’s” that I missed last time around. I went to Paris with my family for a mere three days a few years ago, and we opted to do more of a walking and eating sort of thing.

But in Barcelona, I intend to continue my normal walking and eating thing. And in Madrid, I’m staying with a friend from UC Davis, who I know will show me a good time.

So, that’s that. I won’t be posting for at least ten days. But when I return, expect an indecipherable whirlwind of catch-up posts from my trip.

I leave you with a quick tidbit from my last ISA day trip to Antwerp, where we visited a concentration camp (eerie) and embarked on a ghost walk (bizarre). In between, while the rest of the ISA kids did things I had already done with the art history class, I spent a few hours with a couchsurfer. There was a beautiful view atop Antwerp’s newest, ultra-modern building. There was also the red light district, an OccupyAntwerp protest, guerilla knitting, the most gaudy mall I have ever seen, and a lovely sunset.


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