One week later

The last few days have flown by, and on Tuesday, classes begin. The “study” part of studying abroad will go into effect. Bummer.

It’s good, actually. Classes will keep me grounded, and for how much longer can I really aimlessly wander around this great city? Taking busses, trams and trains back and forth in between and within neighborhoods? With nothing to show for it at the end of the day, except a drenched sweater?

I’ve been in Brussels for exactly one week, and I think I’ve seen a good deal. I’ve walked around the downtown area multiple times, stumbling upon Le Petit Sablon, a little park in upper town that might just be my favorite spot in the city.

It’s a tough call though. Brussels has a lot of beautiful greenery. Le Parc de Bruxelles alone is highly impressive, and with the royal palace across the street, has a similar feel to Luxembourg Gardens in Paris. Meanwhile, Place St. Gery, with trendy cafes and bars in one cute square, is somewhere to be more thoroughly enjoyed in the future.

We students invaded Place St. Gery on Friday night, actually, at the school sponsored pub crawl. Vesalius College held its orientation this week, which by and large was a normal getting-talked-at experience, and it included a lot of beer. On Friday, we started at the campus cafe for “cheap beers” to start out the night. We moved on to Place St. Gery, then to Delirium, then to Le You, a bumpin night club we somehow made it into. In fact, somehow we were dancing in VIP zones, with a VIP table. Don’t ask how.

And if you’re wondering how long I lasted, the answer is not long. Going home at 3 a.m. on a weekend is virtually unheard of. How do Europeans do it?

In any case, that sums up my first week in Brussels. A lot of wandering and exploring. A lot of good beer. A lot of going-to-bed-too-early.

Le Petit Sablon

Wandering can lead to finding cute markets

…and spectacular views


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